Server Features

This page will give you some insight of what we offer at UO:Arcane, we pride ourselves with our new custom content that offer balanced, fun and exciting PVM!
All this without a single external download.

There is certainly no server like us out there. This is a full adventure with so much to explore and do!

  • Start with 700 skills / 225 stats, simply because I believe the skillgain, 20+ years later, is not needed when you create a new character. But you do have to train the skills above the ordinary 100 cap.

  • Ethereals are 0 slots. Why? So people wont rule out using pets because of mobility.

  • 3 facets, spawned, decorated and immersive.
    Each facet is different from the other one.

  • A completely new beastiary, with over 450 new creatures & monsters.
    100+ new tameables with new abilities.
    6 new and exciting Peerless, Unique with special effects.
    4 new champion spawns with bosses
    Over 25 new exciting Mini-bosses

    This is just to mention some..
  • New Dungeon Point-systems with unique rewards
    Thieves Guild have a new Community Collection box with Unique Rewards!
    New Museum Community collection box in the Ter Mur

  • New artifacts, new tiers and ratings.
    We have 200+ new artifacts to collect.
    They come as drops from bosses, monsters, quests or other rewards.

    Ancient, our top tier artifact that will only drop from our main shard bosses, the Peerless.

    Mythic, you will find these on champion bosses/mini bosses or special one time quest rewards

    Heroic, these are a part of our new Heroic system. You can claim these as you fight the Necromancer’s corrupted hordes in Malas.

    Uncommon/Museum Rewards/Quest Rewards,
    Some items may be marked with this.
    These come from various Point Systems like the
    Dragonspire Collection.

  • No boats, in the first era of the launch we do not offer boats.
    We offer our new Fishing Nets in the fishing region of Ter Mur.
    Try to find all the relics lost in the canals or exotic fish that dwells there. On-shore-fishing is the new thing !
    Currently over 240 Unique drops can be found!

  • New crafting, we have added on to our common crafts with more decorables. Such as Fireplaces, stowes and statues.
    And we have added 3 new crafting systems.

    – Potted Plantery / Floristry
    – Wax Crafting
    – Painting, paint a portrait of your fellow adventurer or a monster you encounter along your journey.

    We have added Beekeeping, which produce valuable Beeswax.

  • Relics, Lost Relics and Decoration
    Our stealables on UO Arcane is called ‘Relics’, these can be found scattered around the world. And on top of these we have about 300 new decorative items to either craft or collect.

    Stealing from Monsters have the chance to grant you a ‘Lost Relic’.

    Monsters and creatures around the world have a small chance to drop specific decorational items in their lootpack.

  • New Paintings with ratings, to either collect or trade for rewards.
  • At this stage above the enhanced lootpacks you can collect over 700 new items from slaying monsters!

    And much much more…